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Offer No 2493
Company / Farm: **********
The offer is not available on the market
Seller from BG
Fertilizer – Urea

Fertilizer – Urea

Bio/Organic: No.

GMO: No.

Moisture content: Not indicated

Crop: 2022

Price *** BGN/ton (*** EUR/ton)

Quantity *** tons

Deal value *** BGN (*** EUR)

Payment In advance

Picked up

twn/vlg Dobrich, District Dobrich, Bulgaria

at 475km from Sofia (your profile location)

Execution Immediately

Quality certificate / grain pictures:

On behalf of our client, we offer 100 tons of urea fertilizer, Russian origin, packed in 600 kg big bags. See specifications in the attached quality certificate. For more information, please get in touch with the Agriniser team on tel: +359877463474 or make an offer online through the platform.

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