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Oilseed Rape

Oilseed Rape

Bio/Organic: No.

GMO: No.

Moisture content: 8.00%

Crop: 2022

Price *** EUR/ton (*** BGN/ton)

Quantity *** tons

Deal value *** EUR (*** BGN)

Payment Upon delivery

Picked up

twn/vlg Khmilnyk, District Vinnytsia Oblast, Ukraine

at 1196km from Sofia (your profile location)

Execution Immediately

Quality certificate / grain pictures:
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Rapeseed Non-GMO Ukraine, 2100 tons.
Humidity 8%,
Garbage admixture no more than 2%,
Oil content at least 48%
Erucic acid no more than 2%
Glucosinolates from 20 to 30.
Oil admixture up to 20%,
The product is available. Ready to ship.

Quality guarantee. Fast delivery.
The price on FCA terms is 470 euros. The product is located in Vinnytsia region, Ukraine.
Price on DAP terms upon request with delivery address.
Deliveries on DAP terms in a Big Bag tent.

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