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Thank you for having decided to provide your personal data to "Agriniser" EOOD ("the Company", "we")-single limited liability company with headquarters and address of management. 1404 Sofia, Bulgaria, Triaditsa, Manastirski Livadi-East, ul. Flora, Bl. 64, entr. B, AP. 26, UIC 204597192

For more information about this policy, or to take advantage of your rights under the Personal Data Protection Act ("LPDP"), please use our email address or our phone + 359 877 463 474.


This policy applies to the personal data of current, past and future customers, suppliers and partners of the company with whom we work.


When you visit (the "platform"), when you register on the platform, when you use it, or when you otherwise wish to contract with us, we will only manage your personal data via the ways described in this policy.

Please note that most of the data we process belongs to legal entities, not to physical ones. Therefore, the processing of such data is not subject to the LPDP.
Persons Personal data Purposes of processing Legal basis
Customers Data that you
provide us with:
Gender, names, address,
Phone number,
For the purpose of the successful
provision of our
services, as well as for the
functioning of the
The execution of the
obligations under the contract with
you (or negotiating
over it).
Customers Data that we
find: such
data that is
published in the
Register and
relate to the business,
you are managing.
For the purpose of the successful
provision of our
services, as well as for the
functioning of the
Our Legit
interests, namely
verifying the correctness and
credibility of the given
Information you have.
Data that we
find: Names,
address, telephone
number, email.
In order to inquire whether
you are interested in
our services and/or in
our platform.
Our legitimate interest,
namely marketing, after
we have assessed that it is
likely for you to have
Interest in the platform.
and other
Data that you
provide us with:
as per the relevant
For the purpose of the successful
provision of your
The execution of the
obligations under the contract with
you (or negotiating
over it).
Data that you
generate: IP
identifier of
your device and
other technical
(1) In order to save
your preferences;
(2) Support of
our security measures (3);
Analysis of the
usage of our
(1) The execution of
obligations under the contract with
you (or negotiating
its terms);
(2) Our legitimate
interest, namely
securing, researching
and improvement of our
(3) Your consent.

Retention period of your personal data

We store your personal data for as long as necessary for the performance of the contract between us and you.

After the expiration of this contract, we retain your data for as long as the law obliges us to store them.

We periodically delete data that does not fall into the above two categories and/or the need for storage is completed.

Sharing your personal information

Your data will not be shared with countries not described below without the need and/or legal requirement.

Third party Purposes of processing Legal basis
Our Partners and
Providers, for example
Our Hosting
To facilitate the delivery of
our services and
functioning of the
The fulfilment of the obligations
under our contract with you (or its
advisers, such as
lawyers and other
only when it is necessary. Our legitimate interest,
the successful management
of the company.
Regulatory authorities Only when this is required from

Compliance with a legal requirement.

Security measures

Agriniser LTD. strives to protect the confidentiality, fidelity and ability to access your personal data. We store your data in the European Union on the servers of our partners who have guaranteed the following security standards: Cloud Security Alliance Controls, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, PCI DSS Level 1 (for online payments). Furthermore, our partners guarantee the encryption of information in the transmission.

Your rights
Agriniser EOOD will defend the rights granted to you by the LPDP. Within 30 days we will respond to any enquiry related to their exercise. The law has provided for the following rights:

Right to
Right of Access Right to Amend
Right to Erasure Right to restriction
of processing
Right to object
against the processing
Right to transferrability
of the data
Right to submit
a complaint in a Controlling
Right of withdrawal
of a consent on legal

For more information on your rights, please visit the website of the Commission for Personal data protection:

Policy changes

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy, for which we will inform you in good time.

4 November 2018

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