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Like almost all modern Web sites, uses "cookies" - text files (. txt) or small packets of information that are stored through the Web browser of your end device, each time you visit our web site. Cookies usually help owners of web sites to improve their services, and users can save their preferences on Web sites. More information about cookies can be found on the Internet:
If you do not wish to accept cookies from, please use the banner on the home page to save your preference.

In addition, most Web browsers can be set to reject (all) cookies, but keep in mind that changes to your Web browser that disable the Cookies feature can prevent your favorite Web sites from functioning properly.

At the time of writing this policy, when you visit, our servers send two types of cookies to your devices:

    1. Cookies, memorable your session, which monitor when you visit our web-site and when you log in as a registered user. This type of cookie is served directly by This is the cookie:

              o PHPSESSID (self-deletes with the end of your session)
             o to recognize you;
             o to save your preferences;
             o to prevent fraud and improve security.
     2. Cookies that help us analyze how users use our Web site, on the basis of which we improve our services. These cookies are served by Google Analytics. These are the cookies:

            o _ ga (self-deleted up to 4 years after visit);
            o _ Gat (self-deleted up to 5 years after a visit);
            o _ gid (self-deleted up to 6 years after a visit).
            O Research and analyze the use of our web-site;
            O Research and run diagnostics to improve our web-site and our services;

24 October 2018

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